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It certainly isn't a perfect one. We are products of divorce. Our past is filled with mistakes and failures. At one point, we were the poster-children for how you shouldn’t operate in a relationship.

But all of that changed when we were introduced to a set of life principles that completely and fundamentally transformed the entire trajectory of our lives. We went from striving and surviving in our relationships to THRIVING… And without years of therapy. Today, our mission is to share this hope with everyone whom God allows us to come in contact.

We offer an incredible amount of resources for people in every season of life. With more than 25 years of counseling and coaching experience, and working with more 20,000 clients over those years, we offer content and material that is built on the back of both our personal and professional experiences.

We are also profound students of both psychology and theology and have spent hours studying the infrastructures of human behaviors and how our sociological constructs become the lenses through which and by which we see the world around us.

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